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never indelible twist drill


Hole processing is the most common and most difficult process in metal processing, not only because it is a molding process, but also because the cutting edge is hidden in the hole during the drilling process, for the cooling of the cutting edge, chip breaking and chip removal is difficult to get a complete solution.

Although the development of new hole processing tools in the process of modern industrialization, but the twist drill has been the main force of metal hole processing, has never left its glory, with the current global level of industry, as long as the existence of the metal processing industry, there will be the existence of twist drill.

In the field of metal hole processing, twist drill can be known as "never indelible twist drill".

China has long been the world's largest manufacturing superpower, with factories and huge demand for manufactured goods.Most of the industrial products are sold to factories, that is, the b-end. However, we are still not a developed country. For the demand of industrial products, individual purchasing ability is always limited.


We enclose a sheet of our own sandblasting machine

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