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The development of a unique


Xixiashu cutting tool industry town of the domestic development of a unique


Xixia this town is the earliest one tool can be traced back to the 1960 s, as early as 1968, xixia this people's commune pearl city group a few people hired a know carbide cutting technology and cutter machining technology skills of personnel, production overall carbide cutting tools with pure manual craft, planted the first seed, and then by two motors, two steel shaft, a few pieces of sheet metal, two concrete pier as grinder stand, with a cutting tool factory, and metal cutting tools in 1968, changzhou is "high tech" in the countryside.

Time goes by, entered the new century, xixiashu tool industry ushered in a period of real rapid development.After 2000, xixiashu cutting tool industry, which takes "indexable" cutting tools as its fist product, realized its transformation. 

Xixia villa people are proud of is: its tool output is not the largest in the country, the technology is not the most advanced, but the varieties are very complete, especially non-standard, a wide variety of special tool products, can provide solutions for most users and overcome the difficulties encountered in the processing."In the field of welding knives, if you can't find the product in xixiashu, it's hard to find it in other parts of the country."Ge changchun, a member of the Chinese academy of sciences, once commented on xixiashu rich industrial knives.Improve the processing efficiency, reduce the manufacturing cost, different types, different specifications and non-standard, special tool in xixiashu general tool manufacturing enterprises have thousands of drawings, in the country's non-standard tool products occupy a considerable share of the field.Small xixiashu has become "China's tool manufacturing town."


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