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twist drill drill bits
    • twist drill  drill bits
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HSS (Cobalt HSS-E is Available)
ProcessFully Ground (Rolled, Rolled & Polished, Milled are Available)
StandardDIN338 (Stub DIN1897, Long DIN340, Extra Long DIN1869,
Reduced Shank are Available
Jobber Length (Stub Screw Machine Length, Long Taper Length, Airctraft Extensoin, Extra Long , Silver & Deming 1/2" Reduced Shank are Available)
Shank TypeStraight Shank (Hex Shank, Tri-Flats Shank, Double R Hex Shank, Reduced Shank,

Threaded Hex Shank are Available
Surface FinishTitanium, Bright ,Black Oxide, Amber Color, Black & Gold, Black & Bright are Available)
Packagein PVC Pouch, Plastic Box, Individually in Skin Card, Double Blister, Clamshell, Metal Box
FeaturesThey are made of High Speed Steel to hold their sharp cutting edges longer. It is a general purpose style bit that is recommended for most jobs, whether in a drill press or in hand held equipment. These tapered bits are well-built & cut into materials well. Made in standard fractional sizes to fit all types of Countersinks & Counterbores
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